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Bought a brand new PC

So I have been inactive the past two days due to me having no PC, I have now bought a new one and got my brother to build it up for me last night.

I'll list what I have got.

Intel i9 9900KF 
2 X 8GB Corsair Vengeance Ram
M.2 500GB SSD
Asus Rog Strix B360-H Motherboard

I think I have listed everything, I used my graphics card from my old PC which was is a Nvidia Geforce 1650 (This is probably the next thing I will upgrade).

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Nice, share pictures of it.

I just upgraded my cooling in my pc, closed-loop.

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(02-26-2021, 03:22 AM)allelujah Wrote: Nice, share pictures of it.

I just upgraded my cooling in my pc, closed-loop.

Ill get some uploaded once I finish work, should be in the next hour or two.


Very nice, would love to see some pic´s.
Need to upgrade my pc aswell since im still running first gen ryzen in my main daily rig.


Oh my goodness. That sounds so beautiful. Show us your setup!


Nice Computer!


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