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How Healthy Are You?

Hey everyone!

Just like the title says Smile
How healthy are you? feel free to elaborate and go into details, also if you feel like talking about mental or physical health is up to you!

I try to keep myself pretty healthy myself, I do boxing + MMA training, I used to run but I haven't done that in a while now, I'm mostly using my punching bag now, I try to eat as healthy as possible but sometimes I'm too "weak" and give in to more... greasy food but tbh I don't mind that too much as it makes me happy and I'm not a huge health fanatic who'll avoid specific foods for good and blah blah blah.

Mentally I'd say I'm doing good too, I've got a lot of time for myself so I'm feeling pretty relaxed and calm Smile

[Image: cIZ3DVv.jpg]

Probably not all too healthy but I'm not complaining much hehe

[Image: c9PDuFa.png]

My physical and mental health are going downhill. I'm working on both though!

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I work out 5 days a week, and uh i eat healthy i guess. Im a pretty active person overall


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