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What's New Everyone?

Just curious as to see what everyone's been up to, I see it's been less activity lately (myself included in that lack of activity) so I thought I'd check in with you all.

Me personally, I'm currently developing my Streetwear Brand more working on getting that up and running Immediately. I'll share it here for you guys to shop through as well once I get it more solidified. I have an event I'm planning out, as well as a statement piece I'm working on manufacturing. 

Other than that, I'm spending my other time developing my Comic or my Book I'm writing. I kind of do a lot, if you guys couldn't already tell.

As far as Doom goes, it's also still in my daily loop! I've more or less paused development right now so I can catch back up in my other projects, but it'll be picking back up soon. What I'm most focused on for Doom is expanding my Development team. I have some really amazing ideas for Doom I'd like to unfold, so I'd like to hopefully bring along like minded developers to join the project. If not, I'll still unravel my ultimate goal for doom even if on my own; it'll just take a bit longer :P

What are the rest of you up to lately?


What’s new? Looks like nothing.


Sounds boring, I’d pick up something new if I were you :P


(03-19-2021, 04:27 PM)Nightmare Wrote: Sounds boring, I’d pick up something new if I were you :P

I've been buying macs and reselling them.

[Image: frTUY8E.png]

Not that anyone asked, but I've more or less decided to halt Dooms production at where it is and focus on the Next Release instead. 

I'm currently working with a talented Mockup Artist to help me bring my sketches for Dooms next release to Life. We're nearly complete with the Homepage design, which will feature a complete change from what you have now. Expect Doom to be a bit of a completely different Platform once the release is implemented. 

I am aiming to Implement the next release January 1st 2022, spending the remainder of 2021 developing it and crafting it.

I'm intending to take Doom a lot more serious. But for now, Doom will remain a place for current members to Check in and Post. People can still join, and I'll still do smaller fixes myself here and there but there won't be any real New features or anything until the next phase. 

If anyone has any questions please let me know.

I am also still actively searching for Content Creators!

Thank you.


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