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Small Update [1/4/2021]

Hi Guys,

I've been away from Doom for a while, reason being I've been working a whole hell of a lot as well as having a lot of other personal things I've been dealing with. It's been a bit of a journey to figure out who I was going to hire to develop Doom v3 that which I've been planning for quite a while now. I've (after months, maybe even years) of searching for someone, I've found a series of people who I can hire to bring the idea into fruition. 

However, I've decided to push this update Back so that it is not rushed, so in the meantime I've decided to open Doom up as a small community as it was years in the past.

With that being said, I've gone ahead and hired WallBB to complete a design which was made as a Mock-Up for Doom back when Doom originally had it's v2, so the theme you'll be seeing in the next few weeks will be the originally planned v2 theme that was never released.

Alongside this, I will be pushing modifications / updates to make Doom a stable and usable forum as to give it some substance and reason for use instead of just allowing it to Sit until the big v3 update which is pending completion. 

Coming to Doom soon:

  • New Theme (Responsive, and Clean)
  • New Categories / Boards
  • New Features (Points, Awards, Verification, Profile Features, Trust Scan, + Many More Exclusive Plugins)
  • Usergroups (Will be Available, but not Forced.)
  • Premium Memberships (Will be Available, but not Forced.)
+Much more to be announced.

That will be all for this update, if you have any questions or concerns please do let me know with a reply below!


[Image: c9PDuFa.png]

Remember to keep posts respectful and to follow the Doom Commandments.

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