What Financial Pursuits do you guys Pursue?

Curious as to what you guys do for a living, side hustles, and similar things?

I personally engage in everything that revolves around Artistry. I'm a Illustrator, Painter, Fashion Designer, somewhat Web-Developer, Writer, Musician.

I sort of try to do everything I take interest in, since you only live once.

How about the rest of you?

[Image: c9PDuFa.png]

I study at a cisco academy so i get cisco certifications which can get me atleast 60k a year out of college and i am running 2-3 companies on the side rn which are starting to earn some good money


I do all kinds of stuff. A lot of graphics, investing, gambling, etc. I actually just started gambling. Wish me luck. :D

Support my gambling habit by sending me BTC. Smile

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