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Hello Everyone,

I'd like to first say that Doom is very much still being developed, and I do intend to finish this Version of Doom to make it functional for those who do browse and use; so that it can grow as a community without technical flaws.

But Aside from that, on the next Version or Two of Doom I am thinking of taking Doom in a very different direction, while also remaining true to the roots. That being said, I've decided to Add some people to the Team to assist in Doom's Development.

If you find yourself Interested in assisting in the Development of Doom, please first understand this will be a Freelance style position, I can offer you no pay (currently) only to help develop your Portfolio by assisting in the Development of "the next big thing", and potentially a paid position farther down the line when there's enough revenue generated to pay developers.

Team Member Position's Available

Front End Developers - You must be fluent or Learning in modern Html, JavaScript, and CSS Methods. 

Back End Developers - You must be fluent or Learning in modern Php, Java, Python, Ruby, C++, or JS

Graphic Designers - Graphic Design capability up to a certain standard required, you'd be used for developing all onsite Graphics.

Content Creators - You'd be responsible for running Doom's Homepage, and Moderating Sections. You'd operate the News Team, and create/post Useful, Informative, Interesting content round site. This would be an especially good position for any Writers that are Passionate about their work; You'd essentially be a Journalist for Doom.

I'd also like to note that it be key for you to understand my Vision for Doom so that you can properly assist in it's creation. I don't necessarily Need anyone to be direct, so I won't be bothered if no one is interested in being a Team Member; I can understand working for Free would suck :P it's simply an offer for anyone that would like to build their Portfolio while contributing to something great. 

I intend for Doom to reach Peak level Performance, Appeal, Security, and Entertainment. If you'd like to join the team please submit an Inquiry via PM.

Or alternatively, you can message me on Discord: Nightmare#0459

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Good luck with recruitment.

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Good luck with recruitment.

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