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The Blank Slate Theory

I like to post this on every forum I join. The answers I get are always intriguing. Christians tend to give me the worst(in my opinion) answers.

The Blank Slate Theory is a theory that suggests everyone is born pure, essentially a "blank slate", and as we age we let society mold us into who we become. Do you believe in this theory? Or do you believe we are born as who we are? Why or why not?

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Hmm well as a Philosopher my thoughts on this is that while I do agree, I also disagree simply due to the influence of Genetics. Genetics can go very far, for example my Father is a very care free man and he doesn't really let anything phase him at all; I also have this trait which can cause quite a bit of conflict in my relationships with others because everything to me simply "Is what it is". That's just an example of how genetics can play a role in your personality a bit. 

I'd imagine it works the same if for example your parents were heartless murderers to the core. But with all that even being said, I do believe we all possess the power to shape our lives after reaching a conscious age to decipher what is Chaotic (Despicably Evil) and what is Divine (Morally Good). After a certain age there's really no excuse for ones behavior outside of their own moral compass.

You could argue that your moral compass can be shaped by your experiences, but I find that to be false through my experience of having a terrible life yet still finding myself to be logical, calculated, and considerate of others.


That's very interesting. I totally agree with you about genetics. There is no escaping that. I'm introverted because of my mother, but it's been a struggle because there is a huge part of me that isn't really shy. I like being loud and the center of attention. lol It's almost as if the only reason I'm introverted is because of genetics and not because I'm actually introverted. It's weird. 
But I was with you until you mentioned the murdering. My wife comes from a family of murderers but she is the sweetest light I've ever met and that's not just me speaking as her wife. We met through work and she was just always a genuinely nice person. I would have never known her background if she never told me. No one could ever just guess that or anywhere near that. She has always been a nice person, even before the murders. It didn't shape her at all. She's not trying to make up for anything. This is just who she is. 
By a certain age, we should be able to make good choices and at a certain point we need to stop blaming genetics for our bad choices and start taking responsibility, but for a lot of people, that's not the case. Some people are too far gone. I guess this is how we get the murderers.


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